“Thank you for your monthly uplift. Like a skilled Sherpa helping lead us on our ascent to higher realms of consciousness, your guidance and vision from someone who has already glimpsed the destination helps those of us novices navigate through the unchartered terrain of our often confused minds.
R.O. — Iowa

“I am so grateful for you and your guidance and beautiful way of leading us all into a deeper understanding of ourselves at our soul level. I feel I am getting closer and closer to that divine self. Your insight has helped greatly.”
E.H. — New York

“Of all coaches and healers I have worked with, I have seen the greatest results with Pauline. She goes deeper and heals you in a very profound way. Be prepared for some life-changing results! I am seeing improvements in my relationships and my ability to manifest money. After just two appointments with her, I attracted 10 new clients, noticed an extra 1K in my accounts, and I am saving money consciously now. Thanks, Pauline!”
N.C. — Canada

“This was my first workshop with Pauline, and as such, I was not sure what to expect. Her combination of discussion, chakra exercises, and meditation has truly shifted me closer to my personal goals. I can now feel my power as I work towards my goals!”
RK — Hicksville, NY

“I highly recommend this workshop as time spent with you always provides real bang for your buck! You personally bring so much to the healing as so many loving and powerful entities are drawn to help us out. The participants are also spectacular. And all around high quality experience which can’t fail to move us along.”
HL — Oyster Bay, NY

“Since attending your last workshop my life has changed dramatically — all good. Your workshop awakened a part of me that had been dormant for a while.”
CBM — Queens, NY

“I found Pauline’s class on The Power of Self Love to be incredible. It was not only a meditation, but also a psycho-physiological tapping into what that state of self love actually feels like. It was a very, very powerful session. Pauline had said that we would experience changes during the following days. During the session, I had brought up an inability to totally accept compliments as a behavior that was not self-loving. Two days later I was given a huge compliment about my nature by the Mother Superior of a convent where I volunteer. Not only was the compliment amazing and profound but the fact that I didn’t try to deflect it and really tried to absorb what she had said.”
DK — Westport, CT

“Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. You are an incredible person and you have a God-given gift to heal.”
EC — Plainview, NY

“This is a note of Sincerest Gratitude to you for the tremendous difference you have already made in the lives of both my daughter & myself!!! I know it’s going to be a long journey, with much work required, but I am confident in the “positive” outcome thanks to the Blessing of You!!! Have a Blessed Day & I look forward to our meeting again! God Bless.”
AGL — Brooklyn, NY

“I just wanted to write to say thank you! I left your office feeling the best that I have felt in a LONG time. I left feeling hopeful, and I honestly don’t remember the last time I truly felt that way! It was absolutely wonderful meeting you and I truly look forward to seeing you again.”
AL — Brooklyn, NY

“I love your Meditation CD—no words can describe how I feel. All I can say your CD should be a required item in everyone’s daily practice. Bless you and all you do for us.”
DEP — Staten Island, NY