Soul Series Transformational Workshops

spiritual healing workshopsWorking with Light

A workshop which teaches how to use and direct the highest, purest form of energy—White Light. You will learn how to receive it and send it to others. You will practice using white light and send it into your organs, your aura and more. This method of healing is most powerful and can be used to heal many conditions.

Meditation into Infinity

A group meditation in which each individual can work deeply on the self and transform at their own pace and in their own way. Each meditation is unique. There is discussion, focus on an issue, and includes partner exercises. Deeply transformative. (See products page for available CD’s)

Developing Intuition

Intuition is the ability to sense or know something before it happens. We all have been given the ability to intuit by our Creator – it is one of our greatest gifts. In this workshop we will open the 6th chakra and develop the ability to intuit clearly through our feelings, discussion, meditation and specific exercises.

Workshop Series: From Fear to Power

This is a 4 month series of meditation workshops, with one workshop per month. Each class builds upon the last. The goal is to clear away the fear that stops you from owning your power. The first workshop addresses hidden fears. The second workshop helps you to expand out of that fear, taking the next step for you. The third workshop opens the heart to receive, and the fourth class will help you to embrace your true power, take action and create what you want.

The Power of Self Love

This workshop will blast you open to the love within you. It will connect you to the love in your heart that only you can access. Then, you’ll connect more deeply with your Soul and learn how to love thy self. A very empowering workshop for those ready to embrace the love of self!

Attracting in Your Soul Mate: Creating the Love You Desire

A three class workshop in which you discover how to create love in your life.

  • Class 1: You in Relationship —You are the source of love
  • Class 2: Others in your relationship —Healing the past
  • Class 3: Opening the Heart to Attract in love —Meeting your soul mate as energy

Other Services and Workshops

Private Sessions (Distance via phone or Skype)
Herbal medicine
Reiki and Energy Classes
Meditation Workshops
Empowerment Workshops

Available for lectures on Healing, Mind/Body Connection, Self Love, Personal Power and Awakening of the Soul.