Sessions Offered by Awakening of the Soul

Healing sessions vary according to your needs. We will discuss what’s on your mind. Intuitively, I’ll offer my insights and assist you toward healing and empowerment. Then I will transmit energy to you, view your energy system, chakras, mental and emotional bodies, and remove blockages. Sessions can be discussion only, or discussion and energy healing. I recommend both as this is the most powerful way to transform and awaken your Soul.

Conference call, Skype, Zoom available.

Please contact me before paying for a session. Thank you!

Healing Session Options:

1 hour session: $150.00
45 min session: $120.00
30 min session: $75.00
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Session Length

Healing Sessions for Children: $50.00

(For children 1–10 years old)
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Meditation Workshop:

Please use button below to choose your payment option: $15–$35

Choose Your Payment $15-35:

Energy Tune Up, 15 minutes: $35.00

(Only after a full healing session has been completed)
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