I’m On the Road to Shambala
In the last few years I called my mom daily to check in on her. In the last year I called her twice daily. I know she looked forward to hearing my voice, “I’m always here mom,” I would reassure her. The internal alarm clock set to go off around 10am and 6pm to call mom is still going off, but she isn’t there.

May I share a beautiful story?

In one of my prior posts about mom’s passing, I mentioned there’s beauty in death, we just have to find it. Sometimes there’s beauty in knowing they aren’t in pain anymore. We believe they are in a better place. However, there’s something even better than that when the soul is released from human baggage.

About a week after mom passed I felt her energy change. I was back home in New York, working as usual, and preparing funeral arrangements for September when I felt the energy of a Queen in my home. “Mom is that you?” I questioned. It sure felt like her energy. I smiled at the thought of it.

Two days later one of my clients arrived for a session. Colleen Richartz Bjornsson is a wonderful psychic medium. Each time she arrives she has a message for me. “Who is Marie?” she asked.

“My mom’s name is Mary, but in Italian it’s Marie. Her father would call her Marie.”

The medium continued, “Well, she has a message for you. She says she’s on her way to Shambala. She’s dancing and on her way.” My jaw dropped. Mom loved to dance. “Do you know what Shambala is?”

“Yes of course I know! I had just begun to feel her energy shift into a high vibration, like a Queen.” I replied. We both smiled in complete understanding of what was happening. The information relieved some of the grief I had been feeling. Mom was rising quickly.

Two days later on Saturday night I was driving home from having dinner with my bestie Laura. It was about 8pm at night. The radio station was set to the 70’s music on Sirius FM. All of a sudden I hear the music and lyrics to the song Shambala written by Three Dog Night! Again my jaw dropped. Tears gently streamed down my face as I spoke aloud, “You go momma!!! Dance the night away in Shambala! I’m so happy for you! I will meet you there one day, but it’s not yet time! I love you momma!” I cried all the way home but specks of joy lingered breaking through the grief.

It occurred to me that all the healing work I did with her over the last two to three years had contributed to an easy ascension of her soul due to the release of her human baggage. Mom told me many stories about her life of emotional abuse from her mother and how she learned to survive and push forward in her life. I recalled her words sitting at the kitchen table earlier this year, “You, Pauline have helped me greatly to heal the story of my life.” Her words touched my heart and I hoped it was true.

I hadn’t realized the impact until this moment. Often times I wondered if she was healing from our talks and the energy I would send to her. It is unusual for a soul to ascend so quickly after experiencing trauma, and having rare bone cancer for 27 years. She was always a walking miracle, and outlived most of her friends and anyone who had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma from 1993.

I believe the greatest gift we give others as they near their passing is to help them heal the karmic patterns of human life. To release the soul from trauma is ascension. To not have to repeat the hurtful stories, and be filled with Light is a real gift.

We need to better understand the death process and how beautiful a process it can be. When the soul has completed its human journey our responsibility is to let it go with love.

“Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain with the rain in Shambala.

Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame with the rain in Shambala.

How does your Light shine in the halls of Shambala?”

Now that is true freedom!