Cecil and ArtemisI wish to share an intimate story that has occurred in the last 24 hours. This story is about Cecil the lion who was killed 5 years ago by an American dentist, trophy hunter. If you are unfamiliar with this story google it. When Cecil was killed the story created outrage among animal activists. Who would want to kill any animal as a trophy, let alone this particular Lion King who was being studied and researched, and loved by those who adored him. He was 13 years old, and lived in a national park in Zimbabwe with his Pride of many cubs, grand-cubs and other lions. The American dentist paid 50K to hunt Cecil.

Yesterday morning around 6 am I was awakened by spinning thoughts in my head. The words, “Cecil the lion” intensely ruminated in my mind. I tried to stop the obsessive thoughts and tossed and turned to get back to sleep, but was unsuccessful. Submitting to the obsession, I sat up on the edge of my bed wondering why Cecil was in my head. I began to cry. I’m an animal lover and cats, even big wild cats are one of my many passions. “I’m so sorry you were killed Cecil,” I said repeatedly as tears streamed down my face apologizing for the ignorant humans who believe the act of killing big animals is somehow empowering.

As the day progressed I remembered Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt had appeared to me several years ago. I felt her energy as an animal protector back then. It was 12 noon yesterday when I was in session with a client. Energy was running to assist this person to release an old behavioral pattern. Being slightly in trance as I always am during sessions, to my mind’s eye appeared Artemis with Cecil by her side. I began to merge with Artemis and became One with the Goddess of the Hunt. I am Artemis standing with Cecil at my side. We are on an unknown mission.

Cecil’s golden eyes met mine. The message is still downloading into my conscious mind, however, the essence of his message is that somehow, someway, I may be a vehicle through which God will work to stop the hideous act of trophy hunting, and perhaps affect other areas of animal abuse. Time will tell.

Cecil is still by my side as an animal guide. I’m honored he is with me. His presence is large and magnificent. He was not just a lion, his essence is that of a King who will right the wrong of all animals abused and killed. Artemis and I are still merged. To honor Cecil I have placed his photo on my desktop monitor to connect with him throughout the day.

I’m in tears writing this because it is true, powerful, and I am again humbled by the path God lay before me. How, when, with whom? I have no answers. Answers will come when God deems it appropriate. In the meantime I continue to ascend.

When you totally surrender your life to God, follow his Will, not your own, you will be guided to greatness in some way. Do not measure greatness by this story. Healing your life is greatness because it is your Light that is needed in any way you are guided to shine it. Your soul’s path cannot be figured out logically or planned or predicted. Day by day we can all be led to make a big difference in the world. Let go of what you think you should do, and let God lead.