The Healing Power of Grief

The Healing Power of Grief
Grief, is an emotion we do not welcome. Yet the power of this emotion, if courageous enough to let it flow, will heal you in ways you cannot imagine.

Grief is something we try to avoid feeling at all costs. We hold back tears, pretend we are okay, convince ourselves we are over whatever happened, yet inside we may be crumbling in despair, suppressing our feelings. Life circumstances inevitably occur creating feelings of loss, abandonment and rejection. Loss of a loved one, home, job, health, the tragedies in the world. Tears of the unknown shed when the demise of an ego driven part of our personality breaks down. It can feel like an empty hole in our heart, making us feel lifeless, unmotivated, tired and hopeless. So why would we want or need to feel grief?

Grief is as much a part of life as love is and can be a catalyst to deeper healing and awakening. What if there is more to the grieving process than we are aware of? What if grief has a deeper purpose? A metaphysical purpose? A healing purpose?

When we experience loss, our tendency is to believe we will never have the positive, joyful feelings we once had, resulting in a sense of emptiness, and despair. How will we ever fill that space again? Most times we can’t replace what we have lost physically, but we can replace the feeling that “something or someone” gave us before we lost it. To honor the life of a loved one who has passed, look at what they represented to you. Then begin to fill yourself with that quality.

If you lost love, then love yourself more. If you lost feelings of security and safety, then develop feelings of safety and security within you. Sadness and loss are internal feelings of separation from our true self, the soul, and our creator. Everything we need is within us. When we lose something precious the metaphysical purpose is to heal ourselves of the belief that we are disconnected from it. In truth, it’s already within us. Releasing attachment to something external to feel whole, is our highest journey.

Oddly, grief enables us to heal on many levels we aren’t aware of. Allowing this powerful emotion to flow in a visceral way, letting tears flow like a baby’s cry, will release emotions connected to timelines and experiences from long ago. Tears are water energy, connected to our emotions, which directly affect the wellness of the physical body. Releasing shame of feeling your emotions will allow the river of tears to flow and as this happens, something amazing occurs. Emotions of the present, subconscious past, and past life connect to current grief, and they are released, forever. It’s as if each particle of an emotion locked up for ages is now magnetized to the current stream of tears, finally being released from deep within your memory bank.

Let the stream of tears flow in waves just like the roll of an ocean wave crashing on the shore, receding, then flowing again. We’re never too old to cry. There is beauty in allowing grief to heal you. Processing grief in this way can take time to develop as our natural reaction is to shut down, which can cause depression or anxiety.

You’ll begin to feel lighter as grief is released in a healthy way. Follow up with positive statements, fill yourself with Light through meditation, and connect with God. Soon, you’ll feel the shift from grief to a new you being born from the inside out.

You are a powerful Being of Light and Love. Evolution is asking you to own it.

Image by Bálint Dóka from Pixabay