What I Learned from Dating a Pathological Liar

I’ve had many discussions with individuals about what constitutes a lie. We know there exists little white lies, half-truths, lies of omission, and straight forward lies which are complete untruths. Whatever the case, all lies have one thing in common; to cover something up that the liar doesn’t want revealed. If a lie needs to be told, something is wrong.
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The Healing Power of Grief

Grief, is an emotion we do not welcome. Yet the power of this emotion, if courageous enough to let it flow, will heal you in ways you cannot imagine.
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Symptoms of Ascension #1

There’s lots of energetic changes occurring now. Many people are complaining of fatigue, poor sleep, and mild depression just to name a few symptoms of how the Soul is pushing through the inner darkness to awaken. We are experiencing many situations to help us grow at different speeds and frequencies, but the overall picture is one of ascension.
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Forgiveness—The Journey

The act of forgiveness is one of the highest, most profound, enlightening, and freeing things we can do.  The soul awakens when we forgive, our body heals, while the ability of our heart to love unconditionally grows stronger.  The benefits of forgiving yourself, or another is at the root of all well-being in the mind, body and soul.

Yet, it’s the most difficult of all spiritual practices to accomplish. Why is it so darn challenging to forgive?
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2016 – The Year of the Heart

We are growing. The Light is shining. Our challenge now is to lift our energy from old patterns of survival, control, fear, lack, and judgement, into love.

Observing the world, my personal journey, and those of clients, I see a new wave of energy building. And it’s strong. It’s the wave of Love. 2016 is The Year of the Heart. It’s the year in which we choose to learn how to love better, from the soul, from the heart and tap into the true love in our heart—Divine Love.
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