The Journey of Awakening

Our truest responsibility is to awaken the soul–everything else is secondary.
Awakening your soul will create a personal life filled with joy and abundance.
This is how we collectively change the world…by awakening one soul at a time!

Understanding of Your Soul

Love heals all wounds
Forgiveness heals all karma
Compassion creates miracles

Who is Your Soul?

Your soul is your pure divine essence.
It is the part of you that has the ability to heal all conditions, love unconditionally,
serve humanity, create greatness–including world peace.

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Pauline Raphaela

I am an Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive and Channel for Spirit.

The journey of awakening is into the deepest, truest part of the Self—the Soul. The Soul is a powerful, loving, creative entity that exists within everyone.

As a person connects with their soul, they will begin to understand who they are, why they are here on earth now, how to live in harmony and abundance and how to be of service to the world.

I am a metaphysical healer and teacher who joyously assists those who are ready to journey deep within the self to explore and discover the divine essence of the Soul, it’s purpose and life path.

Awakening to my own Soul is the greatest gift I have given myself and humanity. I now know who I am, and my highest purpose on earth. The joy and fulfillment that comes from this path is indescribable. I wish it for everyone!

My work is to assist humanity on it’s journey of evolution and awakening. We are in a critical time of our evolution as human beings. Many people are now being called to understand how they can change the world, recreate life on earth for themselves and others.

As we unify, and collaborate as one people, we have the power to change what needs changing, including ourselves. Our Soul waits patiently for it’s moment of awakening. Through an understanding of who our Soul is, it’s role in human evolution and as co-creator with God, we will create heaven on earth.

You are a part of it. This is the greatest blessing you have been given.

In Love and Light,


The Soul Matrix

The Soul Matrix on Blog Talk Radio

The Soul Matrix, a blog talk radio show hosted by Pauline and Wendy airs the first Wednesday of every month from 7 – 8 pm! Join us as we talk about karma, healing, the Soul, and creating a new world! To listen to the show, you can log onto Blog Talk Radio and search for The Soul Matrix. Or find us on Facebook where every show is posted for easy listening.

You can also find us under The Voice of Evolution Radio.

We’re on Facebook at The Soul Matrix and The Voice of Evolution Radio. Please “Like” us on Facebook and tune in each month for some very exciting discussions on Karma, Healing, Mind – Body – and Soul. And so much more!

Also, coming soon…a live stream of one of my meditations for you to listen to free on this site!

Give Your Self Permission, the Anthology

This program features author Priya Rana Kapoor and Soul Matrix host, Pauline Raphaela.

44 stories about life changes, risk taking, permission, and successful outcomes. Priya and Pauline speak with with a few contributors of this book, Pauline being one of them, about their challenges and how taking risks and giving themselves permission to thrive made all the difference.

Priya Rana Kapoor’s book is available on Amazon. Listen to the audio below.

Feeling Stuck?

Simple Steps to Get Things Moving

If you feel stuck and life is not moving in the direction you want,
here are 5 simple steps to help you get things moving.